Financial Assistance

We want every family to be able to send their child to Camp Woolman without price being a deterrent. There are a few ways to make camp affordable.


  1. Early Bird Discount: Register by February 14 for $50 off each camper
  2. Family Discount: Register more than one child per family and receive a $50 discount per child
  3. Bring a Friend: Refer a new camper to Camp Woolman and both you and your friend will get a $50 discount. To apply for the Bring a Friend Discount, please email us with both camper’s names at
  4. Family Work Camp Alumni: Have you or your campers ever attended Woolman Family Work Camp? If so, your campers will receive a $50 discount. For the discount code, email your name and the most recent year you attended Family Work Camp to

Work Trade

Work trades are a fun way to make camp more affordable. In exchange for a week of helping the camp community – usually through shifts in the kitchen – you will receive room and board and $350 toward one child’s tuition at camp. Volunteers live on site in A-Frames that sleep up to two people, work in the kitchen alongside our incredible kitchen manager, and can participate in many of our camp activities – such as talent shows, camp fires, capture the flag, bbqs at the pond, and gratitude circles. Since a majority of our campers are backpacking Tuesday-Thursday (or sometimes Monday-Wednesday), kitchen volunteers get a nice chunk of time off in the middle of the week. Once the work-trade is complete, camp will refund you the $350.The work is approximately 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Work trades are most essential in the kitchen, but could potentially be or include maintenance or leading activities in an area of your expertise. While not working, enjoy reading, playing music, and walking to the river (a 3 mile hike from our campus). It is possible to bring younger children to camp with you, but camp staff cannot guarantee childcare for non-campers. In the past younger children have enjoyed accompanying their parents in the kitchen, or, those in the age range of 6-8 have been able to join the campers in some activities. You can fill out our Kitchen Volunteer Application, or for more information email


Every summer we aim to assist at least 20 campers with tuition. Our Campership waitlist is full usually early in the year and we have limited funding. We highly recommend that any families needing funding also research Quaker Meetings– many have scholarships for Quaker camps. Woolman families have also had success with personal fundraising through Go Fund Me and Social Media platforms. 

If, after considering work trades and discounts, you still find the camp fees beyond your means, you may apply for a camp scholarship, or “Campership.” Our Camp Director will work with you to find a Campership and tuition you can afford, hopefully with little work on your part.  This will reduce the overall cost of tuition. Families that use EBT or free lunches automatically qualify for full Camperhips. Otherwise we use these criteria based on your previous year annual income. To receive a Campership you must send documentation of qualifying for EBT or free lunches, or your 1040 tax form. If you have any questions or difficulty retrieving these documents please let us know, we try to make this process as simple as we can!

# of people in Household Full Tuition covered 75% of Tuition covered 50% of Tuition covered 25% of Tuition covered 10% of Tuition covered 
2 Household Income: $26,380 Household Income: $39,569 Household Income: $52,759 Household Income: $65,949 Household Income: $79,139
3  $33,275  $49,912  $66,550  $83,187 $99,824
4  $40,170  $60,255  $80,340  $100,425 $120,510
5  $47,065  $70,598  $94,130  $117,663 $141,196
6 $53,960  $80,941  $107,921  $134,901 $161,881
7 $60,856  $91,283  $121,711  $152,139 $182,567

Camperships are awarded on a first come first serve basis. To apply please email us at